Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's Love Got To Do With It


I am still technically on a small blogging hiatus due to moving. I'm not even checking in on all the blogs I read, well at least not as much as I normally do. My bloglovin' account is so overloaded! I should be back more regularly soon since we are almost done setting up our home but I thought it would be appropriate to write a small post about love being that it is Valentine's Day. Now you might be a little confused since this is a blog about sewing and vintage clothes and you could be asking yourself "What's Love Got To Do With It?". Well I just thought I would write about one of the things that I love and yes it is related.
One of the things I love more than anything is dressing up, more specifically, dressing up for an occasion. It doesn't have to actually include a dress and heels (although that combo is a fave). I just love having a specific location to go to, or activity to do and finding the perfect outfit for the situation. It can be anything from a birthday party to a baseball game, going to the grocery store or going to to dinner. Sometimes I tend to go overboard and I end up looking like I am wearing a costume but honestly I kind of look at getting dressed for the day as playing dress up. 
My love and I are keeping it low key today. Our wedding anniversary is in a week and we tend to hold off on the big celebration (gifts, dinner out, champagne and the such) till then. The hubs is making me dinner at home tonight and there might be a movie in our future so my outfit includes the coziest dress I own. 
Now if you have big plans for tonight, do me (and your date) a favor and dress the part! Pull out that pretty red dress, who cares if its a little too fancy. Or grab the pink skirt you've been waiting to wear till the weather warms up (that's what tights are for). Bonus points if any of your pieces of clothing have hearts on them. Most importantly though, make sure you put on your sky high heels! Even though we are staying in tonight, my heels might make an appearance ;)

What's Love Got To Do With It by TINA TUNER on Grooveshark

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Take Me Home Tonight

Well I can now officially say that we have completed our first goal on our list. We are moving back into our house!
As some of you know, we rented our place out last year due to Pete's band, Ivan & Alyosha, being on the road so much. I was traveling with him for a couple months and it just didn't make sense for our place to stay empty (and for us to pay to live there) while we were touring the country so we rented it out to some of our friends. We weren't sure when we would be moving back in but after a couple months of talking it over everything came together and the timing couldn't be more perfect. I am so excited that I can say to Pete, take me home tonight and it won't be to my parents' house!
However, this does mean that my store opening will be postponed just a bit. Just about everything is ready but for the next few days I will be concentrating on unpacking boxes and setting up our home (yay for having room for all our stuff again!!) rather then getting everything set up online. It will be soon though friends, very soon!

Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money on Grooveshark