Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rabbit Fur Coat

The crazy snow storm we are still recovering from has got me dreaming about beautiful winter coats. There are a few different clothing items that I collect and coats are definitely one of them. I should probably stop soon before I become a coat hoarder and my husband puts me on a TV show. Until then, I am going to keep searching for beautiful vintage coats every time I go thrifting. I have yet to own a fur coat (unless you count the one I had when I was four years old) but have definitely been tempted by them. I decided that there are few things more glamorous than a rabbit fur coat and my collection could use a little extra glamour!

Here are a few amazing ones on Etsy right now.

Faux fur but still just as glamorous!

Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins on Grooveshark

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