Monday, January 30, 2012


I recently added a new item to my "always look for" list when thrifting. Before I even step into a thrift store or vintage store, I come up with a plan. Some days I am looking for something specific for myself, something I have been wanting for a while. Sometimes I am there to stock up on inventory for the store so I will search through each section and take home items to alter and play with. Other times I only look in a certain few sections. The sections change from time to time but generally stay the same. Every single time I go thrifting, even if I am looking for something specific or stocking up for the store, I always look in these certain sections. Right now they include dresses, coats, shoes, pillow cases, and my newest item ... (I feel like it needs a drumroll) ... vintage slips and nightgowns.

I think becoming obsessed with Mad Men last year has a little to do with my love for vintage nightgowns. Betty and Trudy's pajamas are so much more glamorous than the usual leggings and husband's old shirt combo I normally go for. Sometimes I honestly feel a little like I am playing dress up when I wear the vintage nightgowns (I do try to channel a little Betty from time to time) but it makes going to sleep so much more fun. If you don't believe me, take a look below.

Sleep by Azure Ray on Grooveshark

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