Tuesday, April 12, 2011

These Old Clothes

Due to some recent decisions that were made in this little Wilson family, motivation to get my Etsy store up and running just tripled!! I put my motivation to good use and went thrifting this weekend. I am trying to be as smart as possible with the purchases I make so I took advantage of a super discount day at a thrift store by my house. I was able to get 15 items for a very very small amount of cash! 
I thought I would share with you some of my fantastic finds. (Please excuse the horrible picture quality. They were all taken with my phone since our camera is still missing somewhere in Priscilla, the RV)

Teal green sweater with a slight bat sleeve, cropped in the front and gradually gets longer in the back. (I actually wore this one to work today!)

Blue and white geometric striped sleeveless sweater.

Cream blouse with flying geese print, mid length sleeve with button detailing.

Cropped white sweater in a chevron design.

Royal blue blouse, longer in the front/back with the sides a little shorter and a large front pocket.

Beige lightweight tweed, high waisted A-line skirt with buttons all down the front and slit pockets.

Grey high waisted A-line skirt with side slit pockets.

White elastic waist A-line skirt with front pockets.

Navy blue high waisted pencil skirt with pleated detailing on the front and side slit pockets.

Long denim skirt with buttons up the front and front pockets.

I have big plans for all of these old clothes, some I will alter, some I will sell as is, and some might end up in my closet and just stay there. Out of this bunch the first one I want to work on is the denim skirt. Right now it is a little too long and looks kind of frumpy. My plan is to take it up to the knee and then I know it will be just perfect!
I also have a handful of dresses from a previous thrifting expedition that need to be altered so hopefully this motivation stays around! I plan to stop by on this little gem of a discount day a few more times in the coming weeks and get my collection a little larger before I start listing things on Etsy. Stay tuned to see the progress of my Carole & Clarence collection!

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