Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Moving Along

I have been so preoccupied with life that I completely forgot to post anything lately. There is much to post about though ... another thrifting adventure filled with even better finds than the last, some projects that are in the works right now, and big big life changes happening as we speak I type. 
It is official, I'm moving along! Moving along from my job, moving along from Seattle and moving towards being with my hubby. The weekend Pete came home from the six week tour we spent a lot of time talking about how to make it possible for me to spend more time on the road with him. After looking at how much $$ we spent on flying me out (only twice!) during the six weeks, we decided it definitely wasn't worth it for me to stay home. Especially because I was able to come out for only two days each time. That's four whole days out of 45 that my husband and I were together! Not fun. 
Ever since we made the decision for me to quit my job and go on the road with the band, each day has been super busy trying to get everything in order for when we both leave on May 4th. This time we will be gone for about six months so there is a lot to get figured out.
I am super excited to not only spend all my time with my hubs but also have much more time to craft and get my Etsy store up and running. In addition to my full size sewing machine, I also have a little mini guy that Pete got me on our first wedding anniversary. It will be perfect to take on the road and work on some projects in the RV.

Isn't he just adorable?! It can be electric or battery operated which makes it even easier to travel with. The hard part in all this is going to be figuring out how to pack for six months... wish me luck! 

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  1. SOO excited for your upcoming adventures dear friend.