Saturday, April 9, 2011


I took a short sabbatical from blogging since my hubby was home for a quick week. I wanted to soak up all the Pete time I could! I am back now and will try much harder next time he is home to not get so distracted. He is just so handsome so I find it hard to concentrate.
The real reason for this post is to share another big accomplishment in my sewing journey. I was so encouraged with how fast I picked up hemming that I decided to move on to mending. In the past when I would find a little hole or seam that came undone I would do one of two things, 1. absolutely nothing, I would keep wearing the item as is (classy I know) or 2. use a safety pin (probably equally as classy, but I like to think of it as creative). I bought the shirt below new last summer and realized that there was a little hole in the side once I got home. I was too lazy to drive back to the store so I wore it as is for a little while and then added a safety pin to the seam. It actually worked quite well. I would wash and wear the shirt and the safety pin just stayed right where it was. It probably would still be in my shirt right now if I hadn't learned to turn on my sewing machine. 

Right before my little trip to California I decided that the pin had been in my shirt long enough. I sewed up the side and it is as good as new! Or better than new actually since it came new with a hole in it. Then I moved on to a favorite shirt of mine that I picked up at a thrift store last summer. 

The shirt definitely wasn't in perfect condition when I found it. Two of the three buttons were missing, the third fell off a few weeks later, and the seams were a little loose but I still count it as a great find. Gradually the underarms seams came more and more undone and there was no way a safety pin would be able to hold it together. 

I turned the shirt inside out, pinned up the seams as a guide, spent a few minutes trying to figure out what kind of stitch to use, finally picked one, still not sure if I picked the right one, turned it right side out, and decided it looked good so I went to bed. This was all done around 1:00 am, the night before I left for California, with still having to wake up for work the next day and having yet to pack for my trip.

I suppose I no longer have any reason to use safety pins to hold my clothes together. In fact I vow to never wear a safety pin on an item of clothing in public ever again. I should probably clarify that the pins were never actually visible. I pinned the inside seam and from the outside you couldn't even see the outline of the pin. Still ... I know, not very classy and we Wilsons really do aspire to be as classy as possible in all areas of life. 
Classiness proof below.

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