Sunday, June 26, 2011


Okay this post title is a bit of a stretch but I am using it anyways. I was looking for a song with the word 'breakdown' in the title but couldn't find one by an artist that I wanted to put on my blog (Jack Johnson, I don't think so). As I was typing in breakdown I thought there was some song I used to really like that had something to do with making up and breaking down. Well I was close. Hot Hot Heat had an album called 'Make Up the Breakdown' that I listened to quite often my sophomore year of college. The song 'Bandages' will always remind me of going out on Tuesdays to an 80's night at a club (that didn't actually play that much 80's music) and dancing the night away with my friends. There is a part of the song that my bestie and I would dance around in circles until we couldn't stand up straight. It's funny but some of my favorite songs to this day are from those Tuesday nights. So although this post was supposed to do more with breakdowns rather than bandages, it will work.
Our RV, Miss Priscilla, can be quite temperamental. When she gets all hot and bothered she sometimes decides she doesn't want to work anymore and will just stop on us. She did it twice today! Twice, in the hot hot heat (I just used the band name ... does that count?!) in Georgia. The first time we were able to pull off the freeway but the second time we got stuck at an intersection and blocked traffic off the freeway for almost an hour.
A true southern gentleman stopped and tried to help us out. We strapped up the RV to his station wagon but Priscilla is a big girl and the straps broke when he tried to pull us. Soon after a cop pulled over by us and ended up calling a tow truck for us. For some reason Priscilla decided to work just at that moment and they guys were able to pull her into a Waffle House parking lot. We let her cool down for an hour or so and then started her back up to make it to the show tonight in Atlanta. Maybe she just needs some bandages (there it is, big stretch I know ... maybe I should have just gone with the band name).
Once on our way we got stuck in the craziest storm I have ever seen! Talk about a weird day. Going from being stranded in 90 degree weather to driving through thunder, lightening, and flooding on the freeway. Well we made it to the venue finally, only a few hours late. We only have about another week on the road. Hopefully Priscilla will be able to get us all home!

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  1. Such a clever your writing, Audrey! And the songs that go along with the story are perfect....always a fun read