Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New York

I sometimes joke that I am basically getting a free trip to see some really amazing places. Honestly, that is the case though. That isn't why I quit my job but its a pretty big perk. Most of the time we don't spend very much time in any one city but right now we are lucky enough to spend a couple days in New York. The guys played at a festival this afternoon, we will spend some time in the city tomorrow morning then head to Boston for a show tomorrow night, and back to NYC for another festival show on Thursday. The last (and first) time I was in the Big Apple was about 12 years ago. My mother is from New Jersey and we used to visit her family quite a bit when I was younger so the east coast isn't that foreign to me but I still get very excited to be over here. 

Here are a few things I remember about my last trip to NYC ...
1. I had to change clothes halfway through the day because long jeans and a sweater isn't quite appropriate in August, even when its overcast (overcast in Seattle and New York are two very different things). 
2. I bought fake glasses at a street stand and wore them for months afterwards, almost convincing myself that they really helped me see better.
3. The only thing I wanted to do that day was go shopping on 5th Avenue. My birthday was a couple days prior and my parents gifted me shopping money for NYC!! My wish was fulfilled. However, I couldn't actually afford anything 5th Avenue-ish so I ended up buying things I could have found at the Nordstrom back home. Oh well, the Ralph Lauren shirt, Levi's jeans and Steve Madden shoes were all very special to me. 

I played around with my phone today and discovered (after having this phone for over a year) that there are some interesting filters on the camera other than the usual grayscale and sepia tone. I guess I should have figured my phone would be more high tech than the flip phone I had a few years ago. 

So happy about the dude wearing the I <3 NY shirt in my picture. 

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