Thursday, June 2, 2011


View from our room

This is our fourth official day being in Coronado and although I have technically been on vacation since May 4th, this really feels like vacation now! The guys have had a couple day break from recording so Pete and I took advantage and spent some time together today. We did some of our favorite things ... slept in, went on a few walks, and filled our bellies with good food and drinks!
The house we are staying at is on the water in Coronado and a short walk from the beach. We planned on playing in the ocean and enjoying the sun but the water was far too cold and the wind was being a little difficult. Despite the negative elements, we still enjoyed our time at the beach.

Someone peaking in behind me :)
That sneaky someone plus my finger...

Apparently everyone else in Coronado knows that its too cold to go swimming in the ocean because we basically had the beach to ourselves. Can't blame us though, we are from Seattle!!

I wanted to start some new projects yesterday but got distracted by my husbands presence so decided to put it off till tomorrow once the band is back in the studio. Hopefully my next post will be filled with pictures of everything I am going to accomplish tomorrow ... I have high hopes!

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