Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feels Like The First Time

It might feel like the first time but this is actually the third blog that I have started. The other two (one I have yet to delete) didn't go so well but more on that topic another time. I am determined to not let my bad blogging past affect my bright blogging future. Okay fine maybe I'll touch on my difficulties with blogging just a little bit. I think one of the reasons I struggled in the past was not being able to come up with catchy titles to my posts. Yes, I know that is a pretty lame excuse for not blogging but this is a safe place to share my feelings, right?
To combat my fear of that happening again, I have decided to leave the titles to my posts up to someone else. You may have figured it out by now but the title of this post was written for me by the band Foreigner. Yup, they wrote that song just for me. I really am that special. Each post I make will feature a different song that an artist has written for me. Don't be jealous but my husband is in a band so I hobnob with famous musicians all the time.
I really hope that my sarcasm is not coming across as arrogance and therefore turning you all off to my new little blog. Please stay! How about this? Let's make a deal. I will stop bragging about my super cool life if you promise to follow my blog. Deal? Great! Now I know you are all excited for my next post already but you will have to wait. I plan to start my first sewing project this week so pictures and posts will be here very soon. In the meantime, click the little box below to listen to the song written for me. Also, don't forget to "follow" me with Google Friend Connect!

Note: This blog is still very much a work in progress. Please bear (like the animal) with me while I finish her up. 
Note: This blog might not always be a girl. Since the name includes both a male and female name it will probably change. It might even be twins at some point.

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