Monday, March 14, 2011

Living In A Box

A close family friend (the mother of my two neighbor boys in my story of Rudy and Carole) has offered to teach me how to sew. We have had one lesson so far which basically just consisted of her showing me how to turn on my sewing machines. It was tricky and I learned a lot. Our second lesson is this wednesday and we plan to practice hemming and possibly start on my first real project! 
For Christmas, my in-laws gave me some really great things to get me on my sewing way. I thought I would show you around my little sewing box and what's living inside (see there's the connection between the song title and this post. I had you guessing for a bit, huh?).
First, meet my box. 
It doesn't have a name yet and desperately needs one so feel free to leave me a comment with any suggestions. Come to think of it, neither one of my sewing machines have names either. There is your task for the week, readers. Give me some names! No guarantee that I'll use them but maybe the most creative will win you a sewn treat by yours truly. 
The inside has this nifty clear compartment tray that is perfect for keeping all the little things organized, like this cute little treasure.
It is an antique 14 karat gold thimble that, like most of the antiques I own, once belonged to Rudy and Carole (you can read more about them on the About Carole and Clarence tab). By the way (by the way, every time I say "by the way" I get reminded of this ridiculous song about texting acronyms where they sing the acronym BTW), the fabric under my thimble is what I am going to use for my first project, an apron. Hopefully to turn out like the yellow one on the bottom right of the pattern below.
Under the tray is plenty of room to store larger things like thread, sewing patterns and this fun pin cushion.

Whether it is a strawberry or a tomato or a little strawberry growing out of a tomato, I'm not sure. Either way I like it.
I promise to take some pictures of what gets accomplished on Wednesday. Even if it is just a refresher course on how to turn on the machines. 
I would love to know your sewing supplies favorites or must have suggestions, so please leave me a comment if you have any!


  1. You are just so cute...what an amazing daughter-in-law!

  2. How fun!! I can't wait to see your finished project.