Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ode To Sunshine

Although I consider myself a low maintenance girl, it sometimes takes me a while to get ready in the mornings. Not because I spend copious amounts of time on my hair and makeup but because I am so indecisive when picking out my clothes. If I don't lay something out the night before, chances are I will be running out the door a couple minutes late. The past few days it seems that I have been having more trouble than usual. I blame it on this darn sun that has been peaking out lately. 
I love love love the rain and would normally choose a gray overcast day to a sunny one but this sneak peak to spring has got me wanting to bring out my dresses, skirts, shorts and tanks without having to wear a sweater, tights or boots. For instance, the sun was shining in my window this morning as I woke up and since it is the first day of spring (which also happens to be my mother-in-laws birthday!) I felt like wearing either a skirt or dress in a floral print or at least a lighter and brighter color. After way too many try ons my final outfit didn't quite fit the the criteria (no floral and I ended up pairing it with a sweater and boots) but it worked. That is until I went outside. The sun is so deceiving! It was a mere 38 degrees outside so my sweater and boots didn't quite keep the lingering winter air from getting to me. 
Seeing that I will have to hold on to my warm winter favorites a little longer I have decided to make an ode to sunshineI am excited for when I can actually wear cute pieces like these but it seems that dreaming about them is all I can do right now.

Free People

Apparently I am gravitating towards flowing skirts, high waisted shorts, and wooden heels. I didn't even notice it until I loaded all the pictures. What are you dreaming about wearing this spring??

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